Whats all the buzz?

Bees are facing many challenges such as disappearing all around the world because of Colony Collapse. Colony Collapse means that we have kept bees secluded from nature that they need in order to survive. Doing so forces the bees to journey extremely far away from their hive in search for nature, then causing the bees to forget where their hive is. Also, farmers are now using harsh Pesticides harming vast amounts of innocent bees that that are just trying to help pollinate plants. This is not good because if the bees that help keep their hive alive are dying because of these pesticides, every single bee will eventually die.

Bees are losing their habitats because people are knowingly planting plants that are harmful to pollinators. Another problem is, many ignorant farmers have decided to start growing way too many crops giving them an excuse to destroy bees homes.

In the US alone, we lost about 44% of our bees (in a year.)

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